Building Type Alphabetical Chronological CIDCO HOUSING - NEW MUMBAI  
  Building Type - Housing
  Year - 1993
  CIDCO Housing built in New Bombay in 1998 faces the challenge of providing low cost housing for approximately 1000 units in Bombay. Proliferation of slums in Indian cities is a common feature. Most of the tenements built in this complex are of one or two rooms. Creation of a humane habitation for very large numbers at the minimum cost was an exceptionally difficult problem. Building for large numbers is like writing a long novel. War and peace can be read through from the beginning to end with its different chapters and sub-plots sustaining interest. Similarly, the Mahabharta is a string of stories woven into the fabric of one major composition. The challenge of mass housing, likewise, can be either approached like one long story or as a series of interconnected episodes. Instead of building large monolithic parallel blocks of grim dimensions, we opted for a different kind of settlement pattern. The design for the large number of dwelling units is fragmented into smaller aggregations enclosing a variety of spaces, which can be cohesively arranged on the sloping site of a hillock and strung together with pedestrian pathways.

  • Raj Rewal - Humane Habitate at Low Cost
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