Building Type Alphabetical Chronological SCOPE COMPLEX - New Delhi  
  Building Type - Offices
  Year - 1989
  The office complex is designed for a consortium of public enterprises sharing a few common facilities like auditorium, seminar rooms and restaurant. Office area of about 75000 square meters has been divided into eight segments with distinct circulation cores.

The concept is based on fragmenting the mass into polygonal from of eight blocks which interlock with each other around a central courtyard and provide for diffused natural light and ventilation.

On the external periphery of the complex the building mass overhangs on the top floors. This obstructs the sun rays and creates deep shadows, resulting in energy saving. However towards the internal protected the courtyard the building recesses at different levels providing protected terrace.

The cluster of four columns on the facade of the building acts like a structural minaret and encloses air conditioning ducts and services. The cafeterias on top most floors have been covered with ribs with segments of vaults. They are approached through the roof garden by means of open steps. Their elevated position would ensure splendid views of the nearby monuments, which have been elemental in the evolution of the building form.

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